How We Got Started

I have always enjoyed the creative process and feel an absolute need to create things regularly and always have.

I started making handmade soaps for my own sensitive skin. I noticed a huge difference - my skin felt like like I had applied lotion. I started giving my family and friends handmade soaps and they were hooked as well. Handmade soaps are high in Glycerin and skin loving ingredients. I use quality oils like Olive, Sustainable Palm, Coconut and Shea Butter in my products.  There are so many good and natural options out there, it just makes sense to me.  When I began to sell at craft shows, I noticed I had regular customers that kept coming back for more, so this is how I began. 

I have expanded my product line to include clean burning soy candles with cotton wicks, body and bath products and favors for parties, showers and weddings.

I make my products as naturally and responsibly as possible. I only sell what I love.  Thanks for stopping by the Cottage.