Maureen Sapnar is the owner of Hildegard and Blaise a handmade bath and fragrance product small business.  Soap making has been an obsession with her for the past 10 years.  Her first lessons in soap making were words from her Grandmother.  Her grandmother would tell her how to save all the meat fats and render them for a full day and then add lye.  Her recipe was very basic but labor intensive.  She wasted nothing. She would labor for hours for the simple things in life.  Maureen once watched her grandmother peeling the skin and black sticky substance from black walnuts for hours to make one cake.   That left a deep impression on the power of using your own hands to create sustaining beauty from very little. Today she has expanded into products such as lotions, salves, body butters, beard oil, gentle foaming hand soap, perfume and hand poured custom scent candles.

Today, Maureen uses some tallow along with vegetable oils and butters along with lovely scents, clays, botanicals, etc. and has turned bars of soap into a little bars of art.   She believes a high quality soap is one of life's affordable luxuries. She also learned from her grandmother that you can take simple things from nature and turn then into something beautiful, nourishing and uplifting.  The bonuses are daily self care and soft skin. Beautiful scents elevate your daily existence.

Maureen is a certified soap maker through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild and served on the board of the local NJ Chapter.  She has also studied natural perfume making under Charna Ethier of The Providence Perfume Company.  She also took a class with the amazing natural perfumer and sacred bee keeper Jen Allen. She is grateful to all who have taught her along the way including classes at Candles and Supplies, Holly Port's excellent Make It Fizz Tour and the Local Chapter of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild for their valuable insights and expertise and to the local makers community and business friendly Haddonfield and Haddon Township. Much grattitude is also due to the sweet and enduring support of family and friends.

Maureen has been tincturing plants and working with natural perfuming materials lately, so stay tuned for 100% natural perfumes as well as her own line of perfumed candles.   She strives for the best in ingredients, scents and appearance to give you the luxury that only nature and artists can together provide.  Thanks for stopping by the on line shop.