Bois Voilette et Cardamome Perfume


New perfume for Valentine's Day. Bois Violette et Cardamome. Sweet, flirty and intoxicating violets are partnered with the exotic spicy scent of cardamom seeds. These notes are laid on a bed of woods including Cedarwood, Oud, Teakwood and Birchwood. It's the perfect masculine/feminine balance. I am hooked. This perfume is only available at Hildegard and Blaise. Created by Hildegard and Blaise. Made with natural alcohol, phthalate-free free fragrance and essential oil. No preservatives or colorants or unnecessary chemicals are added. Happy Valentine's Day!  2 Ounce Perfume Strength - use sparingly. Perfume will ship to the U.S. only and separate from any other items you order, as they are flammable and safety precautions need to be taken.  It will take longer to arrive as it has to be shipped via ground.  Thank you for your patience!