Permanent Collection Premium Coconut Wax Candles


Are you tired of your average candle?  Try my curated and custom blends to make your candle burning time extraordinary.  I start with coconut and soy wax - which burns cleaner and throws scent much better than all soy.  The wicks are natural and the scents are always phthalate free.  My unique, clean and fresh scents have been a huge hit!  Scents like Parsley Seed and Lemon Zest, Sea Salt and Citrus, Jersey Tomato and Grapefruit & Arugula and my latest creation "Blood Orange and Tomato Leaf" are sure to please the fussiest candle snobs.  Candles change the atmosphere in your home - by filling it with beautiful scent and giving it a warm glow. I enjoy my home more than any place on earth when I light an amazing candles and fill a vase with fresh flowers.  Life is good.